10 Steps to Declutter Your Workspace with Kurin

Since the pandemic, many have started working from home. It’s been an adjustment to separate work and personal life. One way to keep yourself sane is to maintain a clutter-free and clean workspace. 

Decluttering and cleaning can do a lot more than you think. When you declutter your workspace, you:

  1. Increase motivation
  2. Lower stress and anxiety
  3. Boost productivity & focus
  4. Enhance creativity
  5. Create more time for your personal life

So how do you start decluttering your workspace? Here’s our step-by-step guide to get you started:


STEP 1: Find out what you need

As much as we want everything to be within reach, too many things can be a distraction.  Find out what you need when you’re in the “work zone.”  


STEP 2: Clear your desk or workstation

After finding out what you need, start with a clean slate. It helps give an idea of how much space you have. Other than your desk, empty out your drawers too.


STEP 3: Throw, Move, Keep

Make piles to know where each item belongs to. Throw away the obvious trash, move the multiples and keep the things you constantly reach for.

STEP 4: Wipe it clean

Once you have a clear desk and empty drawers, you’ll notice dust and stains in corners. Start wiping and cleaning them off with either a 500ml Kurin All-Purpose Spray Bottle or your 65ml Kurin Pocket for an easy spray, wait and wipe-off. Your first wipe-through is to clean, but add in two to three more sprays to ensure that the spaces are sanitized and disinfected. 


STEP 5: Label and Categorize

Start going through your keep pile and categorize them - office documents, bills, or personal notes. Label them to save time from future sorting. 


STEP 6: Have a place for everything

Grab your storage boxes or empty cardboard boxes lying around at home! Have a place for everything: books with books, pens with pens. This way, you know where to put them after each use. 


STEP 7: Tame those cables

Run through your dusty cables with Kurin, then tie or clip your power cables together to make your space look neat. You may use a cable organizer tube and mount them under your desk or if you have a lot of cables, DIY a cable organizer. 


STEP 8: Get rid of Digital Clutter

Delete digital files, duplicates, sort through your email and categorize them into folders. There are a few desktop apps you can install to help you save time on sorting.


STEP 9: Create a routine around cleaning

Once you do a full swoop of decluttering both physical and digital, it’ll be much easier to make a routine out of decluttering before and after working: throw away trash and put things back in their designated spaces.


STEP 10: Disinfect high-touch surfaces

You’ll never know how much bacteria your hands and fingers could be holding, so make it a daily habit to disinfect with Kurin before and after a full work day. These spaces and items include:

  • Phones
  • Keyboards
  • Computer mouse
  • Earphones 
  • Screens


When you’re surrounded by a clean and neat space, you’ll have a clearer mind and a more energized spirit to work in your space to the best of your abilities.  Count on Kurin to be your companion for your decluttering journey.


Happy Cleaning!