Frequently Asked Questions

Kurin is high alkaline pure water with a pH level of 12.5 It is produced through electrolysis of tap water which is filtered and purified through Reverse Osmosis.

Kurin contains small water molecules with negative ions that penetrate and break down dirt faster than other cleaning products. When covered with Kurin’s negative ions, the surface of an object and dirt repel each other and cause separation.

The cost of Kurin is the same or slightly higher than your typical detergent or chemical cleaner in the market. It is definitely cheaper compared to all natural and green cleaning products.

Yes, since Kurin is non-corrosive. Personal protective equipment is only required when handling products with a pH level above 13.

Kurin cannot be used on non-water resistant items/surfaces, wood, copper, aluminum, and leather. These items will react negatively and will peel and fade. Kindly refer to our manual for the list of non-recommended makes when using Kurin.

No, since Kurin is made from pure water and does not contain surfactant, a common ingredient in soaps and detergents. Water with a high level of alkalinity is also neutralized quickly upon contact with dirt and oil as compared to sludge-causing detergents which harm the environment.

Alkaline ionized water or “hydrogen-rich water” has a pH level between 8 and 9. Kurin has a higher pH of around 12.5.

Yes, we will not lie to you. We labeled them based on the uses to help you, our dear clients, understand the versatility and the effectivity of our product in many daily uses of Kurin while being the most safe for us humans and the environment. In the future, we will come up with a similar ionized alkaline water but with even more power for sterilizing functions.

We’re being completely honest - all variants have the same content. These were labeled based on their different uses to show you Kurinatics that our product is eco-friendly, versatile, yet effective.

Kurin is not safe for drinking. Although it is a non-toxic product, it is not fit for human consumption. Drinking Kurin will imbalance the natural acidity level of a person (or animal’s) stomach. Should someone ingest Kurin, have them drink plenty of water to dilute high level of alkalinity.

Kurin is your daily maintenance cleaner and can do 90% of what your chemical cleaners can do. It cannot, however, deep clean rust and stains that have been around for years. are years old, rust, or other items. Although, Kurin can be used as a rust preventive.

SPRAY, WAIT, WIPE. Spray the surface you want to clean and wait for 30-60 seconds. This lets the small water molecules break down the stain. Afterwards, wipe with a clean cloth, brush or scrub and enjoy the happiness in cleaning!

Bubbles and scents are caused by artificial ingredients. These are not used as part of our mission to produce environment-friendly products. Although Kurin does not emit any of these, it is still as effective as your typical home cleaning products.

Marble/tile floors, kitchen counters, and fruits and vegetables require a diluted Kurin solution.

An undiluted solution of Kurin may be used on kitchen counters which are heavily greased.

Of course! It is safe on humans, pets, and the environment!

There are no harmful or ill effects as Kurin is eco-friendly. But don’t put your Kurin to waste and save it for your cleaning!