The Science Behind

A proven Japanese innovation in cleaning, super ionized water is a very effective and versatile cleaning product. Kurin is the greenest and safest in the market. Use Kurin as a cleaner, sanitizer, and remover of unwanted odors on any surface and more.

With Kurin, you spray, wait for a few seconds, and then wipe.

Why wait? Kurin does the scrubbing, the sanitizing, the degreasing, and deodorizing for you.

Kurin is super alkaline ionized water. Softened pure water or Reverse Osmosis (RO) water is electrolysed to produce super alkaline ionized water. This makes your RO water from a normal tap water level PH of 7-8 PH to 12 to 13.1 PH. That makes super alkaline ionized water effective for cleaning, sanitizing, degreasing, and deodorizing like bleach and other heavy industrial cleaners.

Exponential Power Chart
Potential of Hydrogen Chart

The science of Kurin when using with dirt and oil/grease

Small water molecule clusters of super alkaline ionized water can dissolve the dirt particles
Step 1
Can penetrate into the space between the dirt particles and the object surface resulting in separation of dirt from the object surface
Step 2
Two dirt particles with surfaces being covered by negative OH ions of super alkaline ionized water, causing separation from each other
Step 3
High alkalinity causes emulsification of the oil and fat of the dirt
Step 4

This is how Kurin does the cleaning for you! It separates the oil, grease, or dirt from any surface. More than that, it sanitizes the surface of any object too!

Sanitizing with kurin

High alkalinity and negative ORP (oxygen reduction potential) tend to weaken and kill the germs and bacteria by breaking up the cell membrane.

Click on the following for certifications from the lab of our Australian Partners:

* Hydroexcotech Australia is an allied company of CY Ventures Innovations Corp.



SGS is an internationally-recognised group that focuses on inspection, verification, testing, and certifying a variety of products to ensure that the condition of different products and services comply with global standards and local regulations.

See the certification here.


HACCP is an internationally-recognised food safety certification body for the Food Industry. Our SAW product is certified as food-safe and suitable for use in cleaning operations in food handling facilities that operate in accordance with a HACCP-based Food Safety Programme since 2014.

We are in the process of getting the HACCP certification for the sanitizing operation in food handling facilities as our high alkaline product with pH of over 13.5 has proved to satisfy the HACCP sanitiser requirement of killing E. coli and S. aureus within 30 seconds.

See the certificate here.


ALS is a globally-accredited laboratory that has awarded us a Certificate of Analysis on our pure water product SAW.

See the certificate here.

Mgt/Lab Mark

Mgt/Lab Mark is a world-recognised, NATA-accredited environmental laboratory with a Certificate of Analysis showing that our pure water product has slightly less heavy metal compared with tap water.

See the certificate here.

Intertek (Material Safety Data Sheet)

See the certificate here.