Top 10 Dirtiest Things You Touch (and How to Clean It WIth Kurin)

On a daily basis, our lives center around touching various objects that we use for many purposes, and while it’s easy to assure ourselves and everyone else that our hands are clean, most items in our household could potentially be breeding grounds for bacteria. Whether it’s in the kitchen you cook at, the bathroom you clean yourselves with, or even the cellphone you hold by the palm of your hand– these items can harvest many bacteria when left uncleaned. 

So how else can we keep them clean and sanitized? We’ll introduce to you some of the dirtiest items around your household– and how Kurin can help you clean around with just a few easy sprays!


In your Kitchen area...


They’re our handy tool for scrubbing the leftover remains of our food. Sponges are some of the breeding grounds of germs, and even if you sterilize it with hot water, some small pieces may still get trapped somewhere in between. One of Kurin’s features is to sanitize, so here’s how you can sanitize your sponges further: 

  1. Place your sponge inside a clear container.
  2. Pour in the Kurin slowly to prevent the sponge from soaking it up.
  3. Wait for a minute or more.
  4. Press on the sponge every now and then to remove the rest of the food particles.

You may leave the sponge in the container overnight to let those particles move up the surface of the water. After removing the dirty water and then voila! Your sponge is ready to have a few more uses up its sleeve to clean away your dirty pans and plates.

Chopping Boards

With the many meat, fruits, and vegetables we cut on our chopping boards, sometimes cleaning them alone isn’t enough. Before use and after washing, it’s best to sanitize your boards with Kurin Kitchen to make sure that none of the microbes and bacteria remain on their surfaces.

To clean, spray directly on the chopping boards and let it sit for one minute before cutting your produce or meat. You may also do the same after washing as additional sanitizing measures before storing.

Kitchen Sinks

Majority of our kitchen tasks involve using our sinks, so it is no surprise that a lot of the bacteria surrounds its surface. According to an article by Self, “Microorganisms that can be found in contaminated food items like raw meats and dairy, such as the bacteria salmonella, Campylobacter, listeria, and E. coli. Then there are viruses like norovirus that can contaminate food and water as well.” A good round of sanitizing with Kurin Kitchen will minimize this, as it can eliminate E.coli, Salmonella enterica, and P. aeruginosa. 

You may directly spray around your kitchen sink and let it sit for a minute or more before wiping your sink with a clean rag. Now it’s squeaky clean for your next uses!

Fruits & Vegetables

Oftentimes, water isn’t enough to rinse out the foreign particles that lie in between the gaps of your produce. It also acts as a way to remove any wax from production. But without proper cleaning, you may potentially get you (and your family members) sick, especially if you prepare dishes like salads. It’s helpful to have a bottle of Kurin Fruits & Vegetables to make sure that those deep-seated dirt float freely from your fruits and vegetables.

To clean your fruits and veggies:

  1. Place your produce in a clean container
  2. Fill it with tap water
  3. Add Kurin: 1 cup of Kurin to 5-30 cups of tap water ratio
  4. Wait for 1 minute
  5. Shake and Drain (no need to rinse)


In your Bathroom area...

Toothbrush holders

Although bathrooms are supposed to be one of the cleanest spaces we need to maintain, we tend to overlook the dirtiest item to clean–and no, it’s not the toilet this time!

Toothbrush holders, especially cup-style toothbrush holders, can catch residues like saliva and leftover toothpaste. They are potential sources for hidden viruses invisible to the naked eye– which is why it’s best to sanitize them with Kurin Bathroom.

Upon spraying Kurin inside the toothbrush holder, wait for one minute or more to soften up the gunk inside. If your holder is cup-style, be sure to use a different cloth to wipe with. You may also spray directly onto your toothbrush to get rid of any deep-seated gunk in between your bristles. Run your thumb through your toothbrush to remove the rest of the debris.


Water stains are commonly the culprits for a dirty faucet, and on most occasions can be a place where bacteria and viruses thrive. You can safely clean and sanitize water stains and mold with a few sprays of Kurin Bathroom. Just spray, wait for a minute, and wipe with a scrub pad or a brush.


In your Workspace, and other areas at home...


Do you regularly clean your phones? If not, now is the right time to make it a habit! Since we bring our smartphones everywhere we go, they’re prone to harboring tiny specks of dust, as well as oils from various surfaces. Imagine placing all of those near your ears and faces! Luckily, if you have Kurin Pocket with you, cleaning it will be a cinch while on the go! 

First, spray your Kurin Pocket on a clean cloth or tissue and run it through the screen. Depending on your smartphone, you may spray directly onto its screen. Wait for 30 seconds to a minute before wiping it off with the cloth. 


Like all things we touch, lightswitches are no strangers to dirt. Some grime can get in between the switches themselves, as well as the surfaces, so make sure to clean and sanitize your light switches any chance you get with Kurin All-Purpose!

To clean: make sure to turn off the switches first. Spray Kurin on your clean cloth (specifically the edges so that you can get in between the nooks and crannies) and wipe around. You may repeat this process until no grime is left!


Professionals— both for those who are working from home and in their offices during this time— spend 8 hours a day in front of their computer, where most dustbeds settle. To save yourself from the risk of getting sick, it is ideal to keep your stations clean before and after working with the help from a few sprays of Kurin All-Purpose! 

Not only can you clean your surfaces, but you can also use Kurin to sanitize your mouse, as well as your mouse pads, keyboards, and cords. Now you can work in peace!

Photo courtesy of @tinacowashere_ on Instagram.

Kids’ Toys

Are you particular about what your child puts in their mouth? Here’s why you should: there are certain health risks (such as infections) that can come out of not cleaning your little ones’ toys. It’s important to keep your child’s toys clean, and since Kurin is safe around babies and pets, there’s no need to worry about any toxic chemicals. 

For small toys, you may simply spray, wait, and wipe all over. For larger toys like playhouses and remote-control cars, you may spray on a clean cloth and run across their surfaces. You can even put all your toys inside and fill it up with Kurin Refill for multiple cleaning! 



Besides those mentioned above, we aim to make cleaning a habit that all Filipinos will soon practice through the help of Kurin! It’s easy and safe to use, enough that a young professional or even a child can do it on their own. Just remember the three easy steps: SPRAY, WAIT, and WIPE




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