6 Reasons Why Kurin Should Be Your Everyday Cleaner

From grocery shelves to e-shelves, we’re used to being overwhelmed by so many options of cleaners. They can look very daunting to use, knowing that most cleaning products carry harmful chemicals that may affect our beloved family members. 

Not all cleaners have to be as complicated or have harmful chemicals to be as effective yet safe in cleaning like Kurin can. 


Kurin Water is the best option for your everyday cleaning needs because of the following: 

1. Effective

How is Kurin different compared to regular cleaners in the market today? A lot!

Kurin is made up of 99.98% water ionized with food-grade 0.02% potassium carbonate, and each bottle can do four things at the same time: clean, sanitize, degrease, and deodorize. Kurin undergoes a process called electrolyzation, which distills the water (similar to what water stations do). Once the water is softened, it’s then combined with potassium carbonate which increases its pH level safely to that of having the cleaning power of bleach!

How can you tell that it’s different from regular drinking water? You can feel the difference when you spray a bit of the product on your hand and feel a sliminess as if your hands are being cleaned under cold running water with some soap.

It’s effectiveness backed up by science brings us to our next point...

2. Easy to Use

Kurin is one of the easiest cleaning products to use that you will ever come across! We use the 3-step method of cleaning surfaces and objects: SPRAY, WAIT, and WIPE! Kurin can do (most of) the cleaning for you when sprayed onto stains or dirt. All you need to do is WAIT for some seconds or one minute, and WIPE or SCRUB away.

To aid in your cleaning, every 500mL bottle comes with a nozzle that has 3 nozzle modes: SPRAY, STREAM, and OFF.

The SPRAY mode is used if you want an equal spread of Kurin on your objects and surfaces while the STREAM option can be used for filling up containers for dilution or if you want a larger amount of the product directly on the floor. The OFF is for the safety and safekeeping of your product to prevent drips and spillage.

Since Kurin is mostly made of water but with the cleaning power likened to bleach Kurin is NOT advisable to use on:

  • wood, leather, and other non-water resistant surfaces
  • prolonged exposure to aluminum, copper, chrome, brass, bronze, lead, tin, zinc, or other alkali-sensitive metals, and painted metal surfaces

3. Safe around babies and pets

Busy parents of both children and pets don’t need to look further for an effective, safe and odorless cleaning solution for their toys and accessories. Kurin uses all natural, food-grade ingredients and are free of harsh smells that may affect the sensitive sense of your little ones.

Photo courtesy of @momwithacam on Instagram

4. Safe around plants

A few sprays of Kurin on your soily plants can go a long way! Since Kurin is alkaline-based, most plants (especially alkaline-friendly ones) become healthier and greener when sprayed with this cleaner. You can also use it to clean off any stray particles of soil sitting on your plants’ leaves.

5. A great companion for Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables may carry pesticides and chemicals harmful for our body when they are not washed well. Commercial vegetable washes may sometimes have an off putting scent and may not even show their effectivity of rinsing off the debris without multiple washes. 


Kurin’s Fruit and Vegetable variant once sprayed onto the water where your fresh vegetable and fruit produce are submerged in activates its cleaning power around the skin and crevices and scrubs the produce for you that when you strain them out of the water there are visible dirt and debris that falls to the bottom of the water! 


Here is our step-by-step process on how best to clean your produce with Kurin: 

  1. Place your produce in a clean container
  2. Fill it with tap water
  3. Add Kurin: 1 cup of Kurin to 10-25 cups of tap water ratio
  4. Wait for 1 minute
  5. Shake and Drain (no need to rinse)

It’s that easy! Isn’t it delightful to know that Kurin is safe for your fruits & veggies too?

6. Our personal belief for a greener home

It is in our best effort to provide a quality cleaning solution that will not only help you with your cleaning needs but to be a greener alternative for the environment– the less pollutants we give out, the more we get to use those resources again. 

Whether you need Kurin for your surfaces, Kitchen, Bathroom, Fruits & Veggies, and even  your precious jewelry and watches, Kurin is your cleaner to know and feel the ease and joy of cleaning.