8 Useful Products That Will Level Up Your Grocery Game

This post was originally created by 8list.ph on July 23, 2020.

Nowadays, grocery shopping or a trip to the palengke needs to be planned and thoroughly prepared for. It’s like some kind of mission — you go in, you get what you need as swiftly as possible, you get out. In the age of the “new normal,” you can’t afford to lounge around aisles, not when you can potentially catch a virus anywhere you go. For all the “tributes” out there who are in charge of making sure the kitchen is well stocked, here are a few great finds for a better shopping experience.


Palengke Bags

via Instagram: simulaph

Save the planet by refusing huge plastic bags when you do your grocery or when you buy anything at all. Bring this huge multi-pocketed canvas Palengke Bag from Simula PH instead. (Just make sure to wash it after every use!) It has 6 huge pockets with an overall carrying capacity of 15kg. You can even flip it inside out to get more space. Get these online at Simula PH’s website for P400.


Silicone ziplock bags

via Instagram: ecozipsph

Ecozips’ products are perfect for storing anything, from food to kids’ school supplies. These pouches can store meat, fish, and other wet goods instead of having it put in plastics. Ecozips come in small to jumbo sizes (which can fit a whole chicken!) for as low as P300 for three bags. You can also use them to organize the way you store meat and other food in your refrigerator. Send them a message on Instagram or go to Shopee for orders.


Reusable mesh bags

via Instagram: zippiesph

Zippies PH bestselling mesh bags are perfect for keeping your produce fresh during grocery runs. They weigh next to nothing and are easily washable too. The even make it easier to rinse your fruits and vegetables! You can get a pack of five for P580 by messaging them on Instagram. Zippies PH also has a great range of silicone ziplock bags, from small to XXL sizes.


Touchless hand extension

via Instagram: wanderskye

Wanderskye’s simple tool serves multiple purposes and is a handy item for going outside. The Touchless Hand Extension can press elevator and ATM buttons, open doors, open cans, become a keychain, and a phone stylus all in one three-inch tool. It’s available at Wandersky’s website for P199 each.

Fruits and vegetables spray

Cleaning the produce you shop is a must. Kurin Water’s Fruit and Vegetables Spray makes sure you can remove unwanted residue on your fruits and veggies such as pesticides, fertilizers, and other dirt. The solution is a mixture of 99.98% water ionized with food grade 0.02% potassium carbonate, no chemicals. After soaking your produce, you can now eat them without worry. This is available at Kurin PH’s website for P249 for a 500ml spray bottle.


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