How Kurin Simplifies My Home

This post was originally written by Undiplomatic Wife on May 13, 2020


KURIN super ionized water is the ultimate #homehack for me because it has literally replaced so many bottles and containers of cleaning solutions for me. The best part is it is also the safest and greenest product that you can use. It is safe to use even with pets and babies!

If you want to read why I have not had Lysol or Bleach in my home since 2009, read why my brother-in-laws cat died.

Because of this I used to make all our cleaning solutions with different solutions of only water, vinegar, lemon and baking soda when we were in Jakarta. Luckily in the Philippines we do not have to mix our own safe cleaners because safe cleaners like Kurin are affordable.


Imagine all the products that I used to have before, that I just use Kurin on now:

• Food- & baby-safe hand sanitizer
• Fruits & vegetable wash
• Sanitizing groceries before putting them away
• Best stove, oven & microwave degreaser
• Food-safe refrigerator cleaner
• Odor remover for bad smells
• Toilet seat sanitizer (can also clean toilets!)
• Remove calc stains in bathrooms/sinks
• Spray on clothing to refresh if you want to repeat basics or during travel
• Spray on beddings to refresh & remove odors
• Removes fresh stains (this has saved my white couch, linens & outfits so many times!)
• Jewelry & watch cleaner
• Dilute to clean marble/tiles
• Disinfecting door handles, switches & remote control
• Best gadget screen cleaner
• Degreasing & cleaning diffusers
• Make-up brush cleaner (in between washes)
• Artist tools/brush cleaner (removes paint & keeps brushes from drying)
• More uses for Kurin


Not only does Kurin green-ify your home, but it also simplifies a homemakers life! Imagine one product that can do so much?

Specific instructions on how to use & more ways to use KURIN.

If you don’t have Kurin where you are, be sure to check what brands of IONIZED WATER that are available in your area. Kurin uses Japanese technology, but I’m sure some variations of it are available where you are!



Have you ever heard that “indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air?”

The reason for this is because of the following:

  1. Paint and lacquers that we use on our walls and furniture that are still poisoning us even months after it has dried
  2. Personal products or beauty that we use that contain chemical scents like our perfumes, deodorants, hairsprays, etc.
  3. Cleaning & disinfecting products
  4. Aerosols, Candles & Air-fresheners
  5. Dry-cleaned clothing
  6. Hobby supplies like glues & markers
  7. And so many more!

So I’m always trying to use products that are simpler, plant-based, and have fewer but more potent natural ingredients. If I do have scented products, I try to go for those that are Essential Oils-based. Don’t take my word for it, read up on it! Just google “VOC indoor air pollution.”


So before buying expensive air-cleaners, be sure to check the products that they use. You will be surprised to know that they may be causing the asthma, allergies or allergic rhinitis that you re experiencing.

When TD and I stopped using strong scents, perfume, aluminum-based deos and other products, it made us realize that there is a better way to live. We don’t need to have sneezing fit every single morning, nor do we need to be itchy all the time.



KURIN is ionized water and though they have bottles in different colors, the contents are all the same and can be used interchangeably. They have bottles with different labels to help teach users that they can use it in so many parts of the home. It also helps us assign a bottle to each room so you don’t use the bathroom KURIN cleaning the refrigerator, for example.

This ionized water is basically a super cleaner that works for so many things and surfacesIf you want to know the science behind how KURIN works, read this:

The Science behind Kurin

When you try this with veggies and your jewelry/watch, I swear it’s not magic! It’s science! Sometimes I can’t believe it myself!



I love this product so much that I wanted to share with with other mamas for Mother’s Day. I approached Kurin and asked them if they would sponsor a contest and they were so generous to provide the prize!

It was a great way to get to know the different followers and moms on Instagram and I’ve really loved engaging with so many of you!

Thank you to everyone who joined and engaged with us! I really enjoyed getting to know you guys a little better through this giveaway.