What is Kurin?

This post was originally written by Animetric on November 6, 2019.


What is Kurin Water? That’s the question I asked when I received a message asking if I wanted to try it out. Kurin Water is super ionized water which can be used for cleaning. Yes, it’s really just water, but it’s high alkaline, with a PH level of 12-13. Normal drinking water has a PH level of 7. Kurin Water has smaller molecules which can penetrate dirt faster and break it down.

I got a whole set of products to try. Although they are labeled differently (Kitchen, All-Purpose, Fruits & Vegetables, Bathroom) all the bottles and packs contain the same product.

Initially I couldn’t spray any product but I figured out you have to twist the edge of the spout from “OFF” to “SPRAY”. There is also a “STREAM” mode which shoots water in a straight line like a water gun.

To set the spout on the desired mode, hold the bottle upright and twist so that the mode you want is facing the upwards.

You can use Kurin Water to clean produce. Since it’s just water, fruits and vegetables cleaned with this are safe to eat.

It’s even an effective jewelry cleaner. I tried it on my Pandora bracelet.

Our metal counter is full of stains so I tried cleaning it with Kurin Water.

I sprayed Kurin Water all over the surface and waited for about a minute.

Then I wiped it. Since I was just doing a quick test and not actual cleaning, I didn’t do a thorough job… but I’m pretty satisfied with the result. It’s definitely a lot more convenient than rinsing off detergent.

What I like about Kurin Water:

  • It’s just water so there are no unnecessary chemicals and fragrances.
  • It’s versatile and easy to use.
  • I’ve been using it to clean various things and it’s pretty effective.
  • Price is pretty reasonable at P249 per 500ml bottle. You can save more by buying sets.
  • It’s all natural so it’s safe for everyone — just don’t drink it because it’s still considered as an industrial grade cleaning product.
  • Cleaning metals with this regularly can actually help prevent rust.

Kurin Water can’t be used to clean wood, copper, and leather. It’s non-corrosive so you don’t need to wear gloves when handling it. Products are available at https://kurin.ph/.