Should You Let Kurin into Your Life?

This post was originally written by wanderwahm.


Every now and then, I look for ways on how to have a sanitized home since we've been living with dust and ants at our home. I don't regularly clean our house aside from everyday sweeping (more than 6 times a day actually). I also have things that need tedious cleaning, and wipes are not that useful with it. Then I came across Kurin Water at Instagram. I was curious about giving them a 2-month decision before I finally purchase.

Kurin: A proven Japanese innovation in cleaning, super ionized water is a very effective and versatile cleaning product. Kurin is the greenest and safest in the market. Use Kurin as a cleaner, sanitizer, degreaser, and deodorizer.


Kurin is raving for really good reviews that it came to a point that I myself wonder if this thing really works on everything. Also, the fact that the shipping fee is expensive with the product per se made me think twice before purchasing.

So after a few months, I gave in and purchased their Try Me Pack. I didn't realize that it's BIG! From the size itself, okay. The fee is sulit na already.

I've tried Kurin on some of my things at home that really need a lot of effort and time for cleaning that even the soap couldn't do. See the following photos for results and from here, you might wanna consider trying out for yourself too.






I didn't make that much effort, thinking that this is an honest review and using Kurin is not an instant fix most of the time. But here, you can already see the difference without exerting much effort to clean off the dirt that our naked eye can and cannot see.

Now, where else can you use Kurin? Glad that they finally have the Kurin Manual wherein most of the FAQs are answered. Click here: Kurin Manual

You can also check their social media accounts for other reliable reviews from customers.