Your all-around, all-effective cleaner, degreaser, sanitizer, and deodoriser. Get the cleaning done without the harmful chemicals in your own pocket! Remove stains from clothes, clean your accessories - whatever comes up during your day, you'll be ready with Kurin.

How to use

To sanitize:

Use as a sanitizer. Spray directly onto any water-resistant surface. Wait for 10-30 seconds and wipe off or let dry.

To clean and remove odor:

Spray onto any surface, wait 10-30 seconds and then wipe with a clean cloth or tissue paper. To remove stains on clothes: Immediately spray Kurin on the stain. Wait 10-30 seconds. Gently rub with a clean cloth or tissue paper. Repeat process if the stain has not yet fully come off.

Best used for on-the-go cleaning of baby items, toys, bottles, exercise equipment, tabletops and electronics, and sanitizing public bathrooms before using.


(99.98%) WATER ionized with your food-grade (0.02%) Potassium Carbonate. No chemicals here.

Not Recommended For

Wood, copper, leather, chrome, non-water resistant surfaces, and prolonged exposure with paint on any surface (may cause discoloration).