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If you hate cleaning up after cooking, then the Happy Kitchen bundle is for you! Use Kurin Kitchen Spray for degreasing oils after cooking and cleaning appliances such as ovens, stoves, kitchen tops, and refrigerators. You may also use Kurin to disinfect your groceries and takeouts. A refill can yield two (2) 500ml bottles, or around fifteen and a half (15.5) 65ml bottles.

Bundle includes:
1 x 500ml Kurin Kitchen Spray, 1 x 1L Kurin Multipurpose

For removing stains, sanitizing, and deodorizing: Spray directly onto the stained surface of cookware, wait for 10-30 seconds, and wipe with a clean cloth. A brush or adhesive sponge can also be used on pots, pans, and kettles. Repeat process if the stain has not yet fully come off.

To refill your Kurin Kitchen 500mL spray, pour Kitchen Refill and you're good to go!

Uses: Cleaning and removal of oil stains and limescale on your pots, pans, kettles, range hood, and counter durfaces. Learn more at https://kurin.ph/the-science.

Ingredients: (99.98%) WATER ionized with your food-grade (0.02%) Potassium Carbonate. No chemicals here.

Not Recommended For: Wood, copper, leather, chrome, non-water resistant surfaces, and prolonged exposure with paint on any surface (may cause discoloration).

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