Bathroom Spray


Remove bathroom dirt, scum and mold. Sanitize toilet seats after cleaning without the chemicals. Clean your bathroom floor, glass, and mirrors. Eliminate odors that stick on the surfaces.

How to use

To clean and remove odor:

Spray onto any bathroom surface, wait for 10-30 seconds and then wipe with a clean cloth or tissue paper.

To sanitize:

Spray directly onto any surface. Wait for 30 seconds and wipe or let dry. For mopping of floor and tiled walls: Use 1 cup of Kurin for every 5-30 cups of tap water.


Cleaning and removal of calcium deposits on stainless steel bathroom fixtures and cleaning of bathroom tiles.


(99.98%) WATER ionized with your food-grade (0.02%) Potassium Carbonate. No chemicals here.

Not Recommended For

Wood, copper, leather, chrome, non-water resistant surfaces, and prolonged exposure with paint on any surface (may cause discoloration).