Frequently Asked Questions

What is Super Alkaline Ionized Water or Kurin?
Kurin is high alkaline pure water with pH of around 12-13.1 and it is produced by electrolysis of tap water being filtered and purified by the Reverse Osmosis process.
Kurin is water with small water molecules that can penetrate faster into the dirt and break it down. It also can penetrate faster into the space between the dirt and the object surface causing separation of the dirt from the object surface. When the surface of the two particles of dirt are covered with negative ions, they tend to repel from each other and caused separation.
The cost of Kurin is the same or slightly higher than any normal detergent or chemical cleaner available in the market. It is definitely cheaper compared to all natural and green cleaning products that are coming out in the market today.
Yes, Kurin is non-corrosive. For product with pH >13, it is recommended to wear gloves and mask for handling.
Anything can be cleaned and deodorized by Kurin including all kinds of metals with the exception of raw aluminum and raw copper. Raw aluminum and raw copper are weak against acid and alkaline. Particularly, uncoated aluminum or copper surfaces could change color when coming into contact with high alkalinity. But cleaning such products with Kurin is no problem if cleaning is done in less than 5 minutes and washed by normal water after cleaning. For other cautions of usage, please see the information on the product you purchase.
No, Kurin is made from pure water without addition of surfactant. High alkalinity will be quickly reduced to neutral water upon contact with dirt and oil as compared to most types of detergents containing surfactants which will result in the formation of sludge that causes pollution of our water resources.
Alkaline ionized water or what is commonly called 'hydrogen-rich water' for health drinking has a\ pH of 8-9, while Kurin has a PH of around 12 to 13.1.
Yes, we will not lie to you. We labeled them based on the uses to help you, our dear clients, understand the versatility and the effectivity of our product in many daily uses of Kurin while being the most safe for us humans and the environment. In the future, we will come up with a similar ionized alkaline water but with even more power for sterilizing functions.
I would not drink it because Kurin’s cleaning power is industrial grade but if you do end up drinking it, just dilute with water. It’s definitely more safe than when you drink a traditional chemical cleaner.
Like any surface that does not allow water, do not use with wood, copper, leather. If you do, just wipe it off quickly'. This, however, is perfect for metals even if it is water because of its high alkalinity. Metals rust because of acidity, but Kurin is the exact opposite and can actually prevent rusting when used regularly.
Kurin is your daily maintenance cleaner and can do 90% of what your chemical cleaners can do. It cannot, however, deep clean stains that have been there for years, or rust, or other items that need heavy chemicals.
The simple formula is SPRAY… WAIT... WIPE. Spray on the surface you want to clean. Wait 5-10 seconds - or one minute if you really want to get it done - as Kurin does the scrubbing and sanitizing for you. WIPE or RINSE once it’s done. You will see how the dirt or stain detaches so easily. Specific applications can be found on the info sheet under each product label or on the product's shopping page.
Kurin is 99.98% water and food-grade salt. We do not use any surfactant or any chemicals because that is our mantra. Kurin emulsifies as well as any other soapy product. (Suggestion: Try it with your jewelry, ionized alkaline water becomes “soapy” as well).
It is our mission to make sure that our products do not harm you or the environment. We made sure it has no scent, because we believe in the smell of clean, and not artificially covering the smell of dirt.
There are several applications of Kurin that require diluting, such as cleaning your marble or tile floors, your kitchen tops (for heavy oils and grease, do not dilute), and cleaning fruits and vegetables.
It is safe on humans, safe on pets, safe on the environment!
Nothing will happen to your plants when cleaning your area with Kurin, but don’t use Kurin for your plants. Come on… you know that tap water is still cheaper than Kurin.